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Cheesecake in the Cup

Cheesecake is a very popular dessert in the United States. Originally in that country, it was a sweet cream cheese cake and red fruit syrup, but several other variations of the recipe were created in the world, for our happiness! Come check the details to serve in the cup !!

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Inspirations for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming !!! And they deserve everything special all year long, but since you can not pay homage every day, let's dedicate ourselves to this Mother's Day. Check out beautiful models of cupcakes, cakes and more !!

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Sufocos no dia a dia de todo confeiteiro

Nada como rir um pouco!!! Confira 5 memes sobre os sufocos do dia a dia de todo confeiteiro

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6 Netflix Confectionery Competitions

After we enter the world of confectionery just want to know that !!Add Tags in pinterest, follow profiles and hastags in Instagram of confectionery, enter groups in facebook on the topic to get tips. In this post I will complement your fissure with incredible competition competitions on Confectionery !!!!!

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20 Different recipes from Caldas to Water Cakes and Pies

The recipes are varied from neutral basic syrup, mint. red fruits, milk nest and more !! By wetting your cake and making it moister and tastier you add new flavors, which can leave the recipe more sweet, citrus or refreshing, the mixture may surprise everyone.

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8 Steps to Start Your Confectionery at Home

By following these 8 basic principles you will be able to increase your results and give the starting foot tip to start your own business by doing what you love: Confectionery.

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