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May the force be with you

May 4 has a special symbology for fans of the Star Wars saga, May 4, 2019 carries an even bigger symbology. We are in the release year of episode IX, the closing of the latest trilogy.

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The World of Card Games

Collectible Card Games are strategy games in which participants create custom game decks by strategically matching their cards with their goals. Know here more about its origin, basic rules and more !!

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The Game and Player

What separates reality from fiction? What is the purpose of fiction in our lives? Can a fiction work really be blamed for the attitude of a fan? Is fiction a reflection of our desires, or just a mirror to the situation of our present society?

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The nostalgic era of the Arcadian Games

Arcade is a professional electronic gaming device / console installed in entertainment establishments. The term "arcade game" is also used when a game is designed to be played in a similar way to old arcade games with frantic and addictive gameplay. The focus of arcade action games are the reflexes of the player, and the game usually includes few puzzles or strategic thinking.

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eSports: O Constante crescimento do cenário competitivo dos jogos eletrônicos

eSport, ciberesporte ou Esporte Eletrônico , são alguns dos termos usados para as competições organizadas de jogos eletrônicos, especialmente entre os profissionais. Conheça um pouco mais sobre o constante crescimento do cenário competitivo dos jogos eletrônicos.

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Overwatch: An Incentive to the Return of Cooperative Games

Overwatch is one of Blizzard's biggest franchises since World of Warcraft, Diablo and Star Craft. Launched in 2016, it won the best game award in the same year and today is one of the most played games on the platforms of the current generation and PC. Blizzard's cooperative FPS game has over 40 million players worldwide and is an absolute success.

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