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Novas LOL Surprise - Impossível não se apaixonar

Maio e Junho foram meses movimentados no mundo LOL. A MGA lançou a segunda onda (ou série) das LOL Hairgoals, Fuzzy e Lils. Externamente se nota pouca diferença, mas são dezenas de modelos novos para colecionar.

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Cheesecake in the Cup

Cheesecake is a very popular dessert in the United States. Originally in that country, it was a sweet cream cheese cake and red fruit syrup, but several other variations of the recipe were created in the world, for our happiness! Come check the details to serve in the cup !!

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Do I Need To Use Juicing To Lose Weight?

This subject causes great doubt in people, even because for some time it was believed that the sweetener was healthier than sugar. There is no such clarity today. Let's talk about!!

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10 Tricks to Clean Shower Curtain Dirt

The shower curtain is not the most beloved object in the world, after all, nobody likes plastic or cloth sticking their legs at bath time. the durability of the curtains is greatly reduced. Stains of soap, body fat and mold make them dark. So here are 10 tips to clean them up and leave them as new. Come on?

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May the force be with you

May 4 has a special symbology for fans of the Star Wars saga, May 4, 2019 carries an even bigger symbology. We are in the release year of episode IX, the closing of the latest trilogy.

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Nutrition tip! Acerola

Did you know that this tiny little fruit has giant benefits? So enjoy and give here 3 reasons for you to eat acerola even today:

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The World of Card Games

Collectible Card Games are strategy games in which participants create custom game decks by strategically matching their cards with their goals. Know here more about its origin, basic rules and more !!

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My Husband Sabotates My Diet, Now What?

This is very common !! you begin to change your eating routine and then your husband / boyfriend / partner starts making little encouraging comments like '' but you're just going to eat this? '' Let's talk about it !! Check out also three tips for day-to-day cooking !!!

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Inspirations for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming !!! And they deserve everything special all year long, but since you can not pay homage every day, let's dedicate ourselves to this Mother's Day. Check out beautiful models of cupcakes, cakes and more !!

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Organizando a Geladeira

Confira aqui 8 dicas maravilhosas para manter a geladeira organizada

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